I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. In my little world, it is always the most relaxing week of the year. The Christmas frenzy is over and everyone is pre-occupied with football. The world seems to slow down during this time, spinning so slowly that we rarely see the sun. This year was especially slow-paced because I got the flu. Consequently, I had more time to reflect on the waning year and plan for the year ahead. When I wasn’t sleeping… Or moaning…

From a knitting perspective, 2014 was an exceptionally good year. I challenged myself to knit 30 hats in 30 days and I did! Thanks so much for all of your encouragement and wonderful words! It really helped me along.I’ve received such wonderful feedback from so many people that I’ll be offering the patterns for the hats in the near future. They may be in a book or they may be sold individually. I haven’t worked out the details yet but I’ll keep you posted. Also, people have asked if I would knit specific hats and I would love to do that. I’ll be setting some of them up for order on etsy.

I learned a few things too.
Knitting is so much quicker when you have a plan. The more complicated hats were easier to knit because everything was planned out before I started. The plain hats took much longer because I was making decisions on the fly and often had to rip back and try again.
It’s easier to knit a hat when you don’t have a particular head in mind. I’m always overly concerned about the fit when I’m knitting for someone specific. Surprisingly, each hat fit all sorts of heads in all sorts of sizes.
Blogging everyday is practically impossible. Even if you have the time, the desire is not there. It’s difficult to stay fresh. But it’s also difficult to start blogging again when you’ve been away for a while.
I have more ideas stored in my head than I thought. I was really surprised how one idea led to another. I didn’t get to ideas that I had in the beginning.

2014 was also a productive knitting year. I kept track this year of everything I knitted or crocheted. Not everything was begun in 2014. I found a few things that had been forgotten, including a vest from 1985 and a baby sweater from 1991. So happy to finish those and get the needles and project bags back into the light.

11 Shawls
1 Afghan (Tunisian crochet)
2 pairs of Socks
3 pairs of Slippers
40 Hats (including 2 baby hats)
1 Christmas Stocking
2 pairs of Fingerless Mitts
7 Scarves
1 Ottoman Cushion
2 Vests
8 Baskets (crochet)
1 Baby Sweater
1 Market Bag (crochet)
7 Sweaters
1 Poncho
4 Potholders (crochet)
1 pair of Legwarmers
1 Big Foot (my favorite project)
2 Sweaters (kid sized)
5 Cowls

If you want to see pics, check out
my ravelry page
; I’m duquette on ravelry. Feel free to friend me up.

Here’s a pic of gwampa with Big Foot so you can get an idea of Big Foot’s size.

There a few pics of Big Foot under construction on the project page
in ravelry too.

I’ve been planning for 2015 as well. I have some things on the needles that should be done in a few days, some warm things for Mom and Dad, some Christmas gifts for some family member who are celebrating in January, and some fun things for my new baby grand-nephew.

And things to figure out

The blog’s bells and whistles Like links – I’m missing a step. Guess I should go through the tutorial.

The hat patterns


I need a dose of discipline and a dose of structure. But this has been known since kindergarten.