Three plus weeks in to the new year and I have a quiet day in which to pause and reflect, as the saying goes.

It was busy year knit-wise.  It is all I want to do.  I think I want to blog, but blogging surely took a back seat to knitting in 2015.

  • Slippers – 2 pairs (1 crocheted pair)
  • Neck Warmers – 6
  • Hats – 11
  • Toddler Sweater – 1
  • Baby Sweaters – 8
  • Baby Hats – 6
  • Bootliners – 1 pair
  • Socks – 7 pairs
  • Scarves – 3
  • Fingerless Mitts – 1 pair
  • Shawls – 16
  • Cardigan – 1
  • Coat – 1
  • Boxes – 4 (3 crocheted and 1 knitted and felted)
  • Knee Warmers – 1 pair
  • Baby Blanket – 1
  • Hood – 1 (crocheted)

Looking forward to 2016, there is more knitting to do. I’ve decided to concentrate on WIPs (works in progress). The living room workbasket taunts me daily.

What a mess! I took this pic on NYE as motivation to get organized. The white sock yarn on the left is for a pair of child- sized socks with enough yarn left over to knit another pair. The bright stripes is KnitCircus yarns on its way to being to becoming Stephen West’s Daybreak. The open mustard pouch is the most current take-along sock that I carry with me so I have some knitting with me in case I’m stuck waiting somewhere. Why it is open and spilling out, is anyone’s guess. I see another ball of blue-striped sock yarn for a child’s pair of socks, some black and white sock yarn for a pair of Darth Vader mittens and a kit for Santa Claus socks. So much for the top layer……

I don’t have the strength deeper just now.