The 1980’s-ish vest is finished and I must admit that it does look a bit rough on the mannequin. The yarn fulled a bit after soaking and a spin dry in the washing machine. It was so dry when I took it out of the washer that I’m convinced that there is not much wool in it. I am pleased with how it fits me though.

I did an unusual shaping for the armholes. I bound off two inches at each armhole and then decreased one stitch at the armhole every third row up to the shoulder consequently there is no straight edge along the armhole. This gives the illusion of an unstructured drop shoulder without the bulk. When I knit the ribbing, I decreased 25% of the sts along the top four inches of the armhole so the ribbing wouldn’t “wing” out.

It fits into my coffee-shop-wardrobe. Really, that’s how I choose clothing now. Will it look nice at a coffee shop? Yes. OK. I’ll wear it. I can see it paired with black knit pants, an oversized blouse and a button cover. I still have some of those! Or paired with a slim black skirt, a black turtleneck and boots.

This was a yarn rescue project born of sentimental attachment. I’m glad it worked this time but there have been occasions when I have spent far too much time coaxing a yarn that refused to be coaxed into anything pleasing or useful. I need to do some self analysis on why I try so hard to rescue. Perhaps set some boundaries? Recognize incompatible Qi?

I’m going to finish a few languishing projects before I start a new sweater.

Happy knitting!