I have been organizing and culling my stash these past few weeks and finishing up some forgotten projects. When we adopted two kittens last summer, I moved all my yarn from the open cubbies and boxed it up to keep it safe. Consequently my stash is in a jumble. Poring through the boxes, I became obsessed with sock yarn remnants and trying to find projects or homes for all those little balls. To be honest, I find it quite frustrating so I’m slowly cutting the emotional cord to the ones that don’t make me happy or inspired. It’s hard though. It’s also difficult not to start new projects when I discover an especially delicious yarn.

Yesterday morning, this appeared in my Facebook newsfeed:

I went right over to the closet where this sock has been hiding in plain sight for the past year. Because it had been abandoned, I knew there must be something wrong with it. I was pleased to see that one sock was completed and the second sock had been knit to the heel. There was the problem… The yarn is Regia Pairfect which results in a perfect matching pair of socks. You knit the solid color for the ribbing, when the yarn changes to a striping pattern, you knit the leg and then when you reach the solid color again, you knit the heel. You should have enough solid color to knit the heel and then the yarn changes as you knit the foot and end with a solid toe. Well.

I must knit longer and wider heel flaps than the average knitter because I didn’t have enough green to complete the heel. Ugh. This is why I put it away. It occurred to me that the manufacturer must have a vanilla sock pattern and they sure do. They even had directions for a boomerang heel! I tried it out on the second sock.

Success! I really like this heel. I’ll rip the first sock back to the heel and reknit it with the boomerang heel. I have two more balls of this yarn and I’m keeping them. This was just the jolt I needed to make me like sock knitting again, at least for a little while.

I’m still planning on knitting some sweaters for me. The first candidate is a coat. I’m going to swatch this yarn and see what it tells me.

Happy knitting!