Hat #1 Redux.

I really like the star shaping on the top of Hat #1

so I knit it again using the darker color for the star.

I’m pleased with the results.

To save time, I knit it with one less pattern repeat and a bottom garter stitch band rather than a ribbed lining.

Yarn: Blackberry Ridge Sport Weight/ Colors: Cream and Joyce’s Choice
Gauge: 24sts and 28rnds = 4″
Size: Adult Large

Tomorrow, another stranded hat using Blackberry Ridge yarns.

When I finished Hat #2,

I looked at the Selbu rose with its 4 points on a hat that was decreased at 4 points and thought, “It’s too bad that I didn’t put the rose on the top of the hat.” After some charting and some figuring, I knit Hat #4:

And the money shot:

Yarn: Blackberry Ridge Sport Weight/ Colors: Cream and Charcoal
Gauge: 24sts and 28rnds = 4″
Size: Adult Large

There are a few minor things that I would change in the motifs but overall, I’m pleased.

Tomorrow, I’ll try a modification of Hat #1.

This may be my favorite hat so far……

Yarn: Blackberry Ridge Sport Weight/ Colors: Cream and Charcoal
Gauge: 24sts and 28rnds = 4″
Size: Adult Large

I designed this color pattern as a mitten pattern a long time ago. I still haven’t knit the mittens but I might now.

I decreased the top by using a SSK at the end of each pattern repeat every third round. Wow! What a surprise! This morning, it was so hard to put it down and go to Pilates and run errands when I was only halfway through the shaping.

On to the next hat! I’m thinking about using Hat #1 and #2 as jumping off points for two more hats. Let’s see how that works out.

10% of the way there……

Yarn: Blackberry Ridge Sport Weight/ Colors: Cream and ? (Something in the Kaleidoscope series)
Gauge: 24sts and 28rnds = 4″
Size: Adult Large

The main color pattern is from the Selbu region in Norway. Traditionally they are knit in black and white.

I did a double decrease at 4 points to shape the top.

Like Hat#1, I tucked in 2×2 ribbing to warm the ears.

Tomorrow: more Blackberry Ridge Sport and my own two color pattern design.

This one may have been a bit too ambitious as it turned out to be 7 hours of knitting time but I am quite pleased with it.

Yarn: Blackberry Ridge Sport weight Colors: Cream and Ivory Coast.
Gauge: 24sts and 28rows = 4″
Size: Adult Large

The main stitch pattern is a traditional Norwegian pattern from the Trøndelag region. I love this pattern and have been using it for years on mittens. The traditional pattern is knit with highly contrasting solid colors but I like how it looks when knit with a solid and a hand painted yarn.

To decrease the top, I simply SSK at the end of each pattern repeat every other row and the result was dazzling…..

What a neat trick!

I found the stitch pattern in a very old book by Alice Starmore, Scandinavian Knitwear. It’s a gem of a book.

I tucked in a 2×2 ribbing to warm the ears. It seems necessary, especially today, now that winter has arrived.

Tomorrow promises some more Blackberry Ridge Sport and something from the Selbu region of Norway.

Until tomorrow!

Every once in a while, I get an idea.  Here’s the most recent one:  Knit 30 hats in 30 days.

Most people would ignore this idea.  A few might wonder why someone would want to do this.  I can only speak for myself, so if you’re still with me…..

  • I need a different focus.  I’ve been concentrating on rehabilitating my legs for so long now that it’s time to focus on something else and let my legs figure it out on their own.  I’m not stopping any of the therapies; just putting my mental energy elsewhere.
  • I need to accomplish something tangible every day.
  • I want to see if I can do it.
  • I think it will be fun.  And it will be fun to hear what other people think about my hats.
  • It’s cold so Charlie and I are watching way too much football and old movies.
  • ‘Tis the season to be knitting hats.
  • I had so much fun knitting this hat in Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Scandinavian Colorwork class, that I finished it that evening.  It only took a few hours to knit and I didn’t know that I could knit a hat in a day.  Why not knit a hat every day? Well, let’s not get carried away.

So here we go!

  • Starting November 15, I will knit a total of 30 hats through December 14.
  • The hat can be any size.  It must be my own design but I can use designs that I’ve knitted before.
  • I must use yarn that I already have.  I’ll use yarns that are commercially available, although I can’t promise that the color way will still be available.
  • I will write down the pattern.  This will be the most difficult part. ugh.  OK – I said I wanted a challenge…….so…..  You’ll have to trust me on this because I won’t be posting the patterns.  If there is interest in any pattern(s), I’ll have it tested and edited and then publish it.
  • I will post a picture of the completed hat each day here, and also on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.  On the blog and Facebook, I’ll include information about yarn and gauge.   There may also be a blurb on my inspiration, or musings on the process or a recipe that I’m cooking for dinner……

Off to organize!    Hope you cheer me on!